Hello and welcome to my personal blog Flymetothecloud.com!

My name is Dimitris Pantazis. I live in Athens, Greece and I work as a Technical Architect at UniSystems where I get to work on various projects, small to large scale, both in Greece and abroad. My focus is mainly on Microsoft technologies, especially around the Windows Server ecosystem and, lately, on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 portfolio.

During 2020, I also started delivering Microsoft Official Courses as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. This has been a fascinating experience as it gives me the opportunity to share my professional expertise with new engineers looking for knowledge and guidance.

I started this blog in order to share with you some of my interests and experience from the field. I really hope that this will give you the motivation to learn about some cool new stuff as well as help you achieve better results for your daily IT tasks.

You can reach me on LinkedIn or visit my GitHub page.